What Exactly Are Twitter Polls?

Over the past years, Twitter has grown to become one of the well renowned and most successful social media platforms. This may be attributed to the numerous opportunities that the platform presents to its users. Among the most innovative and highly valuable features offered by this platform are twitter polls. While many people have heard of this magnificent feature, only a few actually know what it is all about.

While this may appear to be a new concept to many Twitter users, it actually is not. As a matter of fact, users on this platform have been running polls for a very long time, in the form of either favorite to vote or the retweet mechanisms. Another way that users have been taking part in such polls is through hashtags to tally votes.

While social marketing has been around for a considerable time now, these Twitter polls are some of the most functional and innovative way of learning what your clients think of your brand, products and services. As such, these polls are a newer way of getting what the users on this platform have to say about a certain topic.

Twitter Polls: The Easiest Way to Get the Public’s Honest Opinion

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in today’s world. People go big and bold on twitter and this among other factors is why this platform gets to enjoy a lot of popularity. On twitter you get to hear it like it is. People are never shy of voicing their opinion on whatever matter is trending. The moment a harsh tag is started, everything else goes silent. Anyone and everyone will voice their true and honest opinion on the trending harsh tag.

This might be largely the reason as to why thetwitter polls were started. It is common knowledge that most people go to twitter because it is a quick avenue through which they can get to voice their opinion without fear or favor. The developers behind the polls were looking for an easy way to get the public’s opinion within a very short time and they sure did get one.

Twitter is accessible to millions and millions of people all over the world. Furthermore it is accessible in real time. Coupled together with the fact that people have recognized twitter as he one platform where they can voice their honest opinion, you can be sure that twitter is the best place to get the public honest opinion within a very short time.

It is true that compared to the polls that are conducted by the big research companies, the twitter polls have some flaws. For instance, there is no sample size that is taken to account and comparisons are not done among different groups. Time is not really taken to reach out to different groups of people both directly and indirectly affected by the matter at hand to get their opinion. It is only about those who have got access to twitter and what they think about the matter that is at hand.

That being said, it is important that the true intentions behind these polls be laid out clear. These polls are not used for the purposes of conducting research. They are purely used to get the opinion of the general public on a certain matter within a short period of time. They are mainly used to get the general feel on the ground at that particular moment. They are not used to establish facts or establish trends. They are a onetime thing and one time avenue that looks to provide people with an avenue to express how they feel about a certain issue at that particular point in time.

If asked, these polls have actually for all intents and purposes fulfilled the purpose for which they are intended. There is no time a person’s opinion on a certain matter is as hot as jus when the event has just taken place. This is the one fact that the polls were looking to capitalize on and they have definitely successfully done so. They get opinions in real time while they are still hot and heavy and have thus worked successfully to get the public opinion on certain matters at a certain point in time.

Instagram Video Views: Understanding the Video Feature on Instagram

Instagram videos are an increasingly popular tool that is being used on the site. These videos take images a step further. They allow an account holder to add audio and motion in their posts, leaving Instagram views and the individuals that give them more engaged in the post. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then, a video may just be worth one-thousand more.

Pages need to capitalize on this new feature on the site. They can get more Instagram video views by creating quality content that is not worth just one look but many. A video is more likely to be shared with individuals outside of the business page or personal page’s grasp. Therefore, it has the power to grow exponentially and quickly in its reach. If you are an administrator of a page, it is important to utilize this feature to its maximum potential as it can provide a great return on investment. Even a simple video can garner thousands upon thousands of Instagram video views from followers and should be considered as a vital marketing and self-promotion tool.

Why a business should engage Instagram views service.

Instagram is a social site that enjoys millions of users globally. This makes it a reliable platform that a business can exploit when establishing its presence online.Instagram views refer to a service that enable an account owner to see the number of people of people that have viewed the content posted. The content displayed might be a link that will lead to the main business website, a picture of the services and products that the business deals in of a quote associated with the business in question. The knowledge of knowing the number of people who have followed and viewed has benefits to the company. I will look at these benefits below.

  1. The number of people interested in the services. This service will show the account owner the exact number of people that have viewed the posted content. After a period the business will have an idea of the people who are interested in their services. In some cases, the number of the views might drop. This will be a warning to the account holder, either the content shared is becoming stale and needs to be ” spiced up:”The indication of numbers will push the account holder to work on useful content to be shared so that they can attract a substantial number of clients to their business.

2.Improve the content shared- as mentioned above, a company needs to be creative in the content shared on Instagram because that is the selling point of its services and products. The shared information should always be top notch and have the value that whoever comes into contact with will be left with an impression. With such valuable content, the probability of converting the viewers into sales will be high. Not only that but referrals will be made because of the high presence a business has created online.

3.Increased sales and profit s-The above-mentioned points will lead to increased traffic and conversion of the viewers into clients. What this means to a company is that the clients will lead to increased sales of the services offered. This, in turn, will produce profits and lead to the achievement of the set targets and goals of the business.

4.A cheap form of marketing: Marketing form a core department in the company because that’s how sales are achieved., a high budget is always set aside to cater for its expenses. With this Instagram views service, the marketing expense is reduced saving the company a lot of money. All one needs to do is create authoritative content, post a sharp image, set up a proper website whose link will be shared on the Instagram page. The money saved in the marketing budget will be channeled to other business departments which will help the company advance its different sections.

Instagram views play a vital role in any business looking to explore the online digital market.With the high number of followers that Instagram enjoys globally, such a service will enable a company to reach to many users who might all be potential clients. A serious business should engage this service if it wants to stay on top of the tough game.

Periscope Followers Expect Interesting Content

No matter what your end goal is on a site like Periscope or any other social media page for that matter, followers are ultimately one step in the process. Garnering Periscope followers allows for a bigger audience, more feedback, and potential consumer growth through your page. But, knowing that you need these followers and actually getting them are two very different things. Therefore, it is important to understand the strategies that can help you get the feedback and results that you want from your Periscope page.

One of the ways that an individual can garner Periscope followers is by creating interesting content. This may sound simple enough but is one of the hardest steps in the process. There are literally thousands of people throughout the world that are active on this site and this number is growing. You want to make sure that your content does not blend in and that you are not giving someone the same thing that they have seen a thousand times. Plan your content and really think about what your audience seems to like and crave from your account. This will give you a good idea on what to give them and how to guide the content you provide in the future.

SnapChat Views: Why They Matter

When it comes to SnapChat accounts, there are two predominant types. There are the personal pages that are devoted to personal beliefs and individual connections. This type of account is all about sharing on a more intimate level and not for the masses. These accounts achieve SnapChat views, usually, in lower numbers and are shared privately between acquaintances rather than through strangers. These are the most numerous types of SnapChat accounts and many individuals have them for these purposes.

A second type of SnapChat account that is growing in number and effectiveness is the business account. These, as the name or description would suggest, are pages that are administered by businesses and enterprises looking to gain notoriety for the purpose of pushing or sharing a product and service. These types of accounts are growing in popularity because they are so effective for marketing. The more SnapChat views on an account or on a page, the more likely it is that these pages are going to see large results and numbers in consumerism. This is important to note because more and more businesses are and should be considering this avenue as a part of their overall marketing schematic.

Getting Free Likes And Followers The Easy Way

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among other social media platforms on offer across the world, happen to have one major thing in common and this is none other than the similarity of likes and followers for each user. For those that are already on these social media platforms or for those that are looking forward to join them anytime soon, you will agree with me that getting many likes and followers is not all that easy and in any case, it does not take place in a day or two but rather it is a gradual process.

However, with that said, has it ever crossed your mind that you could get free likes for each and every post you make and free followers as well? Well, yes you can and it is simple…all you have to do is to purchase likes and followers for your account. In so doing, for each and every past you get to post, you will receive instant number of likes and also the number of followers you have will continuously increase depending on the number that you get to purchase. In light of this, it is important that you get to purchase your likes and followers from a very reliable source to ensure that you warrant their genuineness.

Flipagram Likes: The Organic Approach to Interaction

Flipagram likes can be acquired in two different ways. Of interest in this discussion is the organic approach. The organic or natural approach to acquiring likes on Flipagram comes through a standard approach. That is to say that content is provided on a page, posted, and the individual follower is expected to follow the page and like it. The best way to be successful in acquiring organically is by creating a discussion and a dialogue with the followers and giving them what they want. The advantage of this approach is in that all of those that follow the page and like the content are doing so for no other reason than because they are interested in something that is being posted. This is important to note and can stand in stark contrast to purchased Flipagram likes, especially when these purchased likes are the result of false or dummy accounts that have no potential for further interaction. Those that are interested, then, in growing their page should consider the natural and organic approach as among the most successful and longest lasting in the business. After all, a natural like is one that is likely to last and create a relationship that can stand the test of time, as long as content remains good.


Purchasing twitter followers has always been regarded as one of the easiest ways for one to add to his or her followers on twitter. As a matter of fact, it happens to be the quickest and the most effective way to realize huge followings. Many people have put it into test and it has worked extremely well for them and they can attest to it. However, with that said, has it ever crossed your mind that purchasing twitter followers can help you make new friends? Well, believe it or not, the answer is yes and it is a case scenario that has occurred quite a number of times in the recent past.

As we all know, the main purpose for social media networks like twitter is to promote and harness interaction and socialization. But for this to be achieved effectively, you have to have a good number of followers. By purchasing these followers, you get to connect to many other twitter users across the globe and in the process, the connections are strengthened, bonds are established and at the end of the day, friendships are fostered. In some cases, some couples even meet on twitter and they end up tying the knot. Amazing right? It is that simple and your experience on social media will always live to be an experience to share.

Why Bloggers Need to Have a Snapchat Account

Currently, the Snapchat social medial platform has more than 100 million users who are active from various parts of the world. Additionally, the popularity of this platform increases by the day. Although this platform has been enjoying a significant success rate, many people were sceptical about the platform competing with other social medial platforms that existed before it was established, such as Facebook. Regardless of this notion, this platform has received immense appreciation from social media users from all parts of the world. This may also be the reason why numerous marketers are advertising on this platform.
So why is this platform ideal for bloggers? To begin with, the Snapchat social media platform is very engaging. To view a story or a Snapchat on this platform, users need to just hold a finger on their phones. This is friendlier, as compared to other platforms that require users to scroll through a feed to read a story post. This feature is particularly beneficial for the bloggers as it allows them to work with various advertisers as well as brands; hence increase traffic to their blogs.
With the help of Snapchat Followers, bloggers can also increase the number of followers on their Snapchat accounts; hence drive more traffic to their blogs.


Adding on to your following on twitter is absolutely something that has for a long time now been deemed to one of the difficult things in your whole experience on twitter. As a matter of fact, it is not everybody’s cup of tea considering the many logistics that it involves as well as the fact that it is something that does not happen in a day or two and will therefore require a great deal of patience from an individual. Nonetheless, people have still been in pursuit for more and more twitter followers knowing well that it is by having many twitter followers, do people draw popularity.

Having said that, if you are looking for a criterion by which you can get twitter followers very quickly and very easily, then you need not look any further than purchasing the followers directly. Purchasing followers on twitter has indeed revolutionized the social media experience and as a matter of fact, getting as many followers on twitter as you want does not have to seem like an uphill task. It is in fact as simple as just buying anything else. Amazing right? In so s doing, you need not hustle and struggle anymore.